The settlement in Kagithane is always outside the city center from the 17th century until the 1950’s. Hasbahce area and surrounding recreational areas have always served as a public space where citizens have fun together . In this case, it is aimed to transform the natural history museum program into a platform where it is possible to create curiosity in minds by saving the social characteristics of the space.



Most museum forms and structures are based on direct provision of the information, instead of helping the visitors behave like an observer and experience volumes with new technologies. Although 3D experience technologies like VR bring out our brain’s cognitive potential and our censorial visionary, virtual museum can also expand the scale of the museum by providing unlimited environments for every individual mind.

The other thing is that Hasbahce Park area stretching along the Kagithane river is the only free space left and the park is used extensively by public. So it is important to protect this eco-characteristic of space.

How can the public activities transform the museum program. Is it possible to build a museum by everybody for everybody?

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