Interior Architect, Architect

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I studied interior architecture + architecture and graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 2018.

During my bachelor study I went to Auburn University with exchange scholarship in 2015-2016 fall semester and attended several international workshops (IFAC,POSIAC) and competitions (ARCHed | Jury Special Prize, KOCTAS | Honorable Mention) which I have been awarded many times.

I also worked with Assoc. Prof. Emine Gorgul as an editor and  made urban interiors project booklet. I experienced my internships in Tanju Ozelgin Design Studio and Mesa.

In my projects I use the power of storytelling in my conceptual thinking process. I create narrations/scenarios and use them as a tool and as a way of showing my thoughts about spaces, forms, and prototypes. I strongly believe that narration brings out the potentials of experimental events and performative actions in everyday life.

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