Posted on July 31, 2014 by iremnaz on Experience, Workshop

POSIAC | Perceptions of Space | Adhocratic Spaces

Adhocratic Spaces can be understood as flexible, adaptable, and informal organizational spatial structures without bureaucratic policies or procedures. In this manner allowing pervasive interiors is to allow for a particular mode of thinking, an adhocratic mode. The significance is that any addition would have to be constrained by a complex relation between adaptive and constant demanded by the pervasive logic. Moreover, it would have to fulfill the role of pervasiveness in interior architecture and that is to allow both for paradigmatic and functional significance. As with any thoughtful process that occurs in design it cannot be disassociated from formal possibilities. The strain is how to reason through adhocratic structures, or how to understand boundary conditions, as boundaries are increasingly digital and immaterial. (source : Adhocratic Spaces)